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A Christmas lottery in the cloud


Leo Burnett hosts the online part of the Spanish Annual Christmas Lottery campaign on the AWS cloud platform and achieves outstanding availability, agility and user experience.

About Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett es is one of the world’s largest agency networks, with more than 8,500 employees in 84 countries and international clients such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Fiat or P&G. In Spain, Leo Burnett is well-known for its projects for AXA, Philip Morris, Día, Jeep, Fiat, Vips, Ginos, WWF or Kellogg’s

By mid 2014, Leo Burnett won the public tender to carry out the campaign of the Spanish Annual Christmas Lottery. Organised by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, it is the second biggest lottery in the world and also one of the most important in terms of the monetary endowment. Moreover, its TV advert is one of the most expected spots of the year in Spain.

Entitled ‘El mayor premio es compartirlo’, the campaign had an extensive media presence in TV, radio and press, and included an online website. The welcome of the main advert exceeded all expectations, becoming one of the most popular so far and taking Leo Burnett to win several prestigious awards.


Introducing Amazon Web Services’ cloud at eCOMExpo 2015


Last week, the Claranet team joined the 2015 edition of OMExpo & eCOMExpo that took place Madrid, one of the biggest annual meeting points for marketing and e-commerce professionals in Spain. ¿Our mission there? To present the benefits of Amazon Web Services’ cloud.

eCOMExpo 2015

Last 27th and 28th May, Claranet participated in OMExpo & eCOMExpo –a double event dedicated to the marketing and e-commerce industry– promoting Amazon Web Services’ adoption. During those two days of intense work, more than 300 visitors passed by our stand, and around 50 people attended the conference about Amazon Web Services for online shops by Guillem Veiga, Country Manager Iberia of Amazon Web Services.


Distributed apps: Microservices and containers in AWS


We are just some days away from registering to 2015 AWS Re:Invent, so it is the perfect timing to rescue one of the most commented concepts of the past edition, which is just really the trend right now (and we are sure it is going to define the forthcoming years paradigm): microservices as a deployment method for distributed apps in the cloud.

When we talk about microservices we mean splitting the application components so the service we provide is a result of the cooperation between smaller applications with a clear defined purpose.

Amazon EC2 Container Service


Docker and the era of the container


Since the EC2 Container Service  was introduced at AWS Re:invent 2014, both the service itself, and container technology in general, have been causing a bit of a stir. Docker is the word on everyone’s lips (even Microsoft’s) and the overall consensus for 2015 seems to be that containers have arrived and they’re here to stay.


Container virtualization technology, also known as operating-system-level virtualization, is nothing new. Support for this technology has been available for years, practically since its beginnings in the form of chroot or jails in FreeBSD.


Could you be the next Cloud/Linux Systems Administrator at Celingest?


At Celingest (Claranet Group) we are seeking new talent to join our technical team. So if you are a trained, motivated Linux Systems Administrator with Cloud experience (preferably AWS) and are interested in a career delivering innovative end-to-end platform solutions to our growing client base, then this could be your opportunity!


About the post

As a Linux Systems Administrator you will be responsible for the installation, deployment, maintenance and administration of Linux-based hosts and their services, in both traditional and cloud environments.

You will participate in the design of new solutions, communicate with the technical teams of our clients and be responsible for documenting all projects carried out.


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