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Spot Instances uncovered

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Recently we deconstructed the rocket science behind AWS Instance Reservation. Now it’s time to delve deeper into Spot Instances.

AWS Log analytics with Spot Instances

End-of-quarter data analysis, batch scientific calculation … These are tasks that require high machine utilization but only for short, specific periods of time. In the old, on-premise data center world, executing this type of task would require major expenditure on hardware that would then lie dormant the rest of the year.
And in the Cloud? Architecting for the cloud means architecting for cost efficiency. AWS Spot Instances are a great solution for performing periodic, workload-intense or interruption-tolerant tasks while keeping resource expenses in tow.

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk: An introduction to Rolling Updates

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk incorporates a feature that allows configuration changes to be applied, in a staggered fashion, across all the instances in your environment. This feature is called Rolling Updates.

Possibly one of the greatest difficulties you’ve encountered up until now when working with Elastic Beanstalk environments is when the template defining an infrastructure needs to be updated or changed. With the new Rolling Updates feature, the limitations you may have come up against previously when modifying Elastic Beanstalk templates now disappear.
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On-demand test environments

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Celingest has helped eDreams increase agility and efficiency across all QA processes by developing a made-to-measure tool for launching and managing multiple test environments, deployed on the AWS cloud platform.

About eDreams

eDreams is one of the largest e-commerce travel companies in Europe. Operating in over 30 countries, eDreams’ cutting-edge search and booking technology offers customers competitive prices on over 60,000 flight routes from more than 440 airlines, and over 250,000 hotels in 40,000 destinations worldwide. The site continues to grow, with plans to expand into new markets and investments into improving the current service in several countries.

The challenge

A successful, large-scale e-commerce application such as eDreams requires thorough, continuous testing and quality assurance procedures to optimise performance and boost conversion. eDdreams needed to further increase agility and efficiency across all QA processes but found their existing infrastructure severely limited in terms of test capacity. They envisaged a scenario in which any number of test environments could be spun up on-demand- even by non-technical team members- for trial and QA purposes during development. This would allow multiple tests to be run simultaneously and managed independently. » Read more: On-demand test environments

Using SQS Dead Letter Queue

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Amazon’s Simple Queue Service is a very useful, highly available and scalable queuing service. Its purpose is to store messages in queues for our applications to consume asynchronously. But let’s see what happens when our consumers have trouble digesting a message.

Amazon SQS Dead Letter Queue Schema

With Amazon SQS, you don’t need to know specifically who is going to process your messages: they are simply stored in an available queue. Anonymizing consumers from the producer’s perspective enables consumers to scale up and down. The resilience of the system is provided by the SQS service itself, which is backed by an array of servers and stores the messages redundantly.

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Celingest is hiring! Cloud / Linux Systems Administrator

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We are looking for a skilled, motivated and experienced Linux Systems Administrator with Cloud experience (preferably AWS) to join our technical team and help deliver challenging and innovative end-to-end platform solutions to our growing client-base.

About the role

As a Linux Systems Administrator at Celingest you will be responsible for the installation, deployment, maintenance and administration of Linux-based hosts and their services, in both traditional and cloud environments.

You will participate in the design of new solutions, communicate with the technical teams of our clients and be responsible for documenting all projects carried out.

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