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Celingest joins the Claranet Group


Claranet, the leading managed services provider in Europe, has acquired Celingest, becoming the top provider in Spain of managed cloud hosting services, built both on its own infrastructure and on the infrastructure of large scale IaaS providers such Amazon or Microsoft.

Founded in 1998 and based in the Barcelona area, Celingest is one of the leading managed service and cloud computing providers in Spain, specialising in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and is one of the few providers in Spain to hold AWS Advanced Consulting Partner certification, the maximum accreditation available in Spain granted by AWS to its collaborators. With clients such as AtresMedia, Infojobs, eDreams, Softonic, Solostocks or PortAventura, we bring a high level of strategic know-how to Claranet, making it one of the most solid managed cloud hosting providers on the national market.

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AWS re:Invent | What Lambda really means


One of the services presented by Werner Vogels at this year’s re:Invent is probably the maximum expression of what cloud computing means. From now on, it will be possible to calculate in the cloud asynchronously without having to provision infrastructure or adjust autoscale rules, and pay exclusively for the exact work required, all thanks to AWS Lambda.

The philosophy at AWS has always taught us to envisage instances as disposable elements that appear and disappear depending what is needed to guarantee the service and optimize costs. Instances multiply when the number of users multiplies, and terminate when the users are no longer there. This model is ideal for front-end servers, since it is relatively easy to understand the metrics that allow us to scale when needed, but it’s another matter when we’re dealing with instances that perform background workloads that aren’t clearly periodic.


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AWS re:Invent 2014 | Docker Containers on AWS


In this year’s keynote, Werner Vogels introduced one of the new AWS products for 2015: EC2 Container Service. With this new service, we can now associate Docker containers to groups of EC2 instances and the system automatically manages the provisioning of the containers within the cluster.

Container technology is based on the virtualization of small spaces right on the kernel of the main operating system. This enables us to achieve application environments and self-contained, independent services with minimum impact on performance, since the virtualization system uses the native features of the operating system’s main kernel.


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AWS re:Invent 2014: Netflix OSS session summary


Hot off the press from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, this post is a summary of the Netflix OSS session we attended yesterday.


From Asgard to Zuul: How Netflix’s Proven Open Source Tools Can Help Accelerate and Scale Your Services

The Netflix OSS session dealt mainly with the tools they have released into the community and that have been developed based on their own experience and unbelieveable scale. Let’s not forget that Netflix is one of AWS’s most important clients, having embraced the Cloud 100%, dismantling their entire on-premise infrastructure.

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AWS re:Invent, here we come!


On Sunday Celingest jets off to Las Vegas to take part in the long-awaited AWS event of the year: re:Invent 2014! There are more than a few “must-sees” on the programme but with so many major announcements in October, who knows what other surprises are in store?


It’s been a busy October for AWS. The month ended on a high note with the launch of a new EU infrastructure region, strengthening the AWS foothold in Europe and opening up opportunities for new and existing customers. And this newsflash was last in a series of other important developments such as:  Multi-AZ for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with Automatic Failover capability, a new SSD-backed storage option for Amazon RDS, and the introduction of a new Support Center on the AWS Management Console.

So the big mystery is: after all this, what else could they have up their sleeve for Las Vegas? It’s gotta be soemthing big! We can’t wait to find out…

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